Town Roads with Weight Limits 2021

The following roads have a Class B temporary gross weight restriction.  Any one axle must be under 6 tons any two axles less than 8ft apart must be under 10 tons. NO EXCEPTIONS

Appleport Rd
Badger Rd
Beach Rd
Blackberry Rd
Europe Bay Rd
Flint Ridge Rd
Garrett Bay Rd
German Rd
Green Rd
Highview Rd
Hill Rd
Humbug Rd
Isle view Rd
Kenosha Dr
Lakeview Rd
N Port Des Mortes Dr
Plateau Rd
Porcupine Bay Rd
Scandia Rd
Seaquist Rd
Settlement Rd
Timberline Rd
Townline Dr (Q to Old Lime Kiln)
Waters End Rd
Wildwood Rd (Beach Rd to ZZ)
Wisconsin Bay Rd
Woodcrest Rd (ZZ to Q)