Cemeteries Information

A web link to view headstones in Door County by cemetery is below.

Liberty Grove currently owns and operates 4 cemeteries in the Liberty Grove area.  They are Little Sister Cemetery beyond the south end of Sister Bay, Ellison Bay Cemetery on Mink River Road, Rowleys Bay Cemetery on Hwy ZZ east of Mink River Road and Trinity Cemetery behind Linden Gallery in Ellison Bay.

Because of an agreement with the Village of Sister Bay anyone who is a resident in the Village or a resident of at least 1 year at Scandia Village Retirement Center or Hearthside may be buried in the Little Sister Cemetery at the Liberty Grove Resident rate.

Anyone interested in purchasing a burial lot should contact the Town Hall at (920) 854-2934.  We would be happy to help.

For more information on our cemeteries find our ordinance in the Ordinances tab on this website.  You can also try to locate someone buried in a Door County cemetery by using the following link:


Rates: (rates are subject to periodic increases)

Liberty Grove Residents                                                                         $750.00
Non-resident of Liberty Grove                                                               $1500.00
To open lot - regular summer (Apr 2nd - Nov 30th) burial                       $650.00
To open lot - regular winter (To open lot - Dec 1st - Apr 1st) burial         $850.00
To open lot - regular cremation                                                                $300.00

All lots must be opened by Liberty Grove employees.  Please give our office at least 48 hour notice.