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Weight Limits Off for Town Roads

By Clerk | April 10, 2023

The weight limits have been removed from Town Roads.

STR POWTS information

By Clerk | October 19, 2021

To finding your POWTS information please go to the County’s website and follow these directions…

Posting Location Update

By Clerk | October 7, 2021

The official posting locations for agendas and notices for the Town of Liberty Grove have…


By Clerk | September 23, 2021

Note the following excerpt from Liberty Grove Cemetery Ordinance 8-21: Section 5.  Plantings and objects…

Powers of an Annual Town meeting

By townweb | March 8, 2019

POWERS OF A TOWN MEETING – State Statute 60.10 State Statute 60.11(6) Jurisdiction. An annual…