Highway Committee


The Highway Committee provides recommendations to the Liberty Grove Town Board and the Town Highway Department staff, endeavoring to provide safe roads for vehicular traffic using the most efficient and cost-effective methods possible.

The Highway Committee’s duties include but are not limited to:

  • Establish a yearly budget for recommendation to the Town Finance Committee, said budget to include capital projects to be undertaken for that year.
  • Formulate and keep current a 4-5-year schedule of projects to be undertaken—including but not limited to pave, chip seal, process of gravel, brushing, equipment upgrade and maintenance.
  • Undertake projects and assignments that are road related as referred to by the Town Board.
  • Whenever necessary cooperate with other government or private agencies for the good of collective road saefty.
Member Billy Appel
Member Walter Kalms
Member Jay Olson
Member Bill Surbaugh