Heritage Rd. Information

Heritage Roads Program:  On August 1, 2012 the Liberty Grove Town Board formally approved the adoption of the Heritage Roads program.  The Heritage Roads program was designed to showcase Liberty Grove's countryside bringing attention to not only the beautiful canopies on many of the roads but to understand the history behind the building of certain roads and the historical buildings that may remain.  The above map will help you to locate the roads themselves and a brief description of each road approved follows.  Nomination forms for the Heritage Road program can be found on this web site under Forms & Permits.

Waters End Rd - from Hillcrest Rd east just over 3,000.  A very high canopy covers the road and a farmhouse dating back to just after the civil war remains.  Waters End Rd is located in the center of the map.

Bluebird Pass - one lane road with examples of stone fences.  What roads used to be like.  Bluebird Pass is in the upper left of the map.

Garrett Bay Rd, Garrett Hill Rd and Cottage Rd - starting at Maplewood Rd.  Wonderful canopy, escarpment outcroppings, view of Green Bay.  This was an old logging trail.  These roads start at the upper left of the map.

Cedar Shore Rd - This is a nicely wooded back road and has an excellent view of Garrett Bay and the bluffs.  This road is right in down town Ellison Bay.

Blackberry Ln - A gravel road with a well defined archway and a turn of the century farmstead make this a road with the feel of days gone by.  Blackberry Ln is in the center top of the map.

East Door Bluff Rd -A heavily wooded old logging trail, this road boasts the first building in northern Door County, a dovetailed logging office.  East Door Bluff Rd is at the top left of the map just below the County park.

Townline Rd- Old Lime Kiln Rd to Grove Rd.  See the Wehling homestead along this stretch.  Townline Rd is at the lower left side of the map.

North Bay Rd -This road was the first road opened in Liberty Grove in 1860.  From Marshall's Point entrance to the water it is heavily canopied.  Historic homes along this road.  North Bay Rd is found on the lower right of the map.

Robin Ln- from Appleport Rd to its end.  A low traffic road with mature trees and fenced open land.  Robin Ln is in the lower middle right portion of the map.

Green Rd- About 3/4 of a mile down Green Rd from Old Stage is a good example of a nice tree shroud/canopy which gives it both a rustic feel and provides privacy to the homes along that stretch.  Green Rd is in the center left on the map.

Plateau Rd- A good example of what the area looked like when farming was the main income.  Wide open spaces dotted with farm houses and barns make this road a pleasure to be on.  This road is in the southern portion of the map.

Wildwood Rd- West of Hwy 42 to its end this road has a nice tree canopy and a view of Green Bay.  Wildwood Rd is on the center left of the map.