Frequent Questions


  1. Voter Registration: If you have moved to Liberty Grove or have changed your address (at least 28 consecutive days prior to the election) you will need to register to vote.  You can register online at or you can complete this application and submit it [by mail, email, or fax] to the Town Clerk with a copy of your proof of identification (right side) and your proof of residence (left side) to the Town Clerk. Please note your Photo ID will qualify as proof of identification and proof residence if you have updated your address on your Photo ID.  Also, P.O. boxes are not residences, your mailing address must match your physical address on the P.O.R. document provided.
  2. Poll Location: The Town Hall is the only polling place within Liberty Grove.  The address is 11161 Old Stage Road.  Polls are open for voting from 7:00am until 8:00pm for all Elections.

Garbage and Recycling 

  1. Garbage collection: This is handled by private companies, please see the local telephone directory.
  2. Recycling: Liberty Grove Residents can drop their recycling at Going Garbage (10564 Old Stage Road in Sister Bay).  The recycling site is open weekdays from 8:00am until 3:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am until 12:00pm.
    • Paper/Cardboard: This includes newspaper, magazines, junk mail, office paper, container board, corrugated cardboard, catalogs, phone books, etc. All paper and cardboard products must be flattened, dry, and free of food debris and restroom waste.
    • Containers (Commingled Group): This includes unflattened, unbroken food and beverage containers made of glass, aluminum, tin, and plastics #1 through #7. These containers may not exceed one gallon in size, and plastic containers must have a mouth smaller in diameter than the base. All items must be rinsed of food or liquids, and all caps and lids must be removed. (Plastic bags used to transport recyclables, caps and lids are considered regular garbage and are not recyclable.)

Licensing and Permits 

  1. Building: Contact Zoning Administrator, Kristin Rankin at the Door County Zoning Department at by phone 920-746-2266 or email [email protected] to determine if your project is possible based on the current zoning of your property. 
    • Next contact the Building Inspector Brett Temme at (920) 495-1863 for directions to complete the building permitting process.  
  2. Dog: Dog’s are required to be licensed every year by April 1st.  Owners must present a current rabies certificate each year.  This certificate should provide the date of vaccination, date of renewal, name of manufacturer, and serial number of the vaccine given. The current fee is $5 for spayed/neutered dogs and $10 for unaltered dogs.  A late fee of $5 is applied for licenses issued after April 1st.  Contact Anastasia Bell at (920) 854-2934 or email [email protected]. All documents provided will be returned with the license.
  3. Department of Motor Vehicles: The DMV is located at 1009 Egg Harbor Road in Sturgeon Bay. Their hours are 7:00am until 5:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please call (608) 264-7447 prior to your visit to verify hours and services available.
  4. Driveways: Contact Zakry Schwartz at Door County Land Use Services (920) 746-2391 to start the application process for a fire number. 
    • Submit a completed driveway permit with $50 fee to the Town Office.
    • Insert stakes into the ground to mark where the proposed driveway will meet the roadway.  This allows for the driveway to be inspected to determine if a culvert is necessary.
  5. Fireworks: Submit a completed fireworks permit with the $20 fee to the Town Office at least 10 days prior to the date requested.
  6. Operators: All persons serving liquor at a Liberty Grove establishment should be a licensed operator.  Submit an operator license application with the $10 fee, a copy of your driver’s license, and proof of a Responsible Beverage Server’s Course (,, or  Note: if you have been licensed within the last two years within Liberty Grove you do not need to submit proof of a Server’s Course.  Applications are reviewed at regular Town Board meetings and licenses are typically mailed to your employer within two business days of approval. 
  7. Short-Term Rentals: Submit a STR License application with the requested documents and appropriate fee to the Town Office.  Applications are reviewed at regular Town Board meetings for and licenses are typically mailed to the property owner within two business days of approval.  

Town Info

  1. Town Office hours: Monday through Friday 8:30am until 4:00pm. The Town Hall is located at 11161 Old Stage Road which is north of Waters End Rd and south of Wildwood Road.
  2. Town Meetings: Regular Town Board meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Check the calendar for meeting information for the other Town Committees.  Approved meeting minutes are available online and at the Town Office. 
  3. Posting Locations: Agendas and Town Notices are posted at the following locations:
    • Pioneer Store (12023 State Highway 42, Ellison Bay, WI 54210)
    • Town Hall (11161 Old Stage Road, Sister Bay, WI 54234)
    • Dovetail Trading (10282 State Highway 57, Sister Bay, WI 54234)

Other Contacts 

  1. County Offices: toll free phone 1-888-743-1844 or visit
  2. Sister Bay/Liberty Grove library: call 920-854-2721 or visit
  3. Emergency Services (Fire/Police/EMS): Emergency situations dial 9-1-1. Non-emergencies call 920-746-2400.
  4. ADRC (Senior Meal Program): Lunches are served at the Liberty Grove Town Hall on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon. Call 920-746-2523 for more information or to reserve a meal.
  5. Building Inspectors: The building inspector is at the Town Office on Thursdays from 8:30am to 10:00am or by appointment. Call Brett at 920-495-1863 to make an appointment.
  6. Assessor: The assessor is at the Town Office on the first Monday of each month.  Call Myles at 920-749-1995 ext 8818 to make an appointment.